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Emergency Warning System For Wembley Arena Construction Site

Emergency Warning System For Wembley Arena Construction Site

The Wembley system enables any worker to give a warning if a fire or other dangerous incident occurs. It consists of six E2S 120dB sounders arranged in three clusters of two devices, initiated from any of the seven manual call points (MCPs) located around the site.

The MCPs, each one attached to a PACSNET 300T radio transmitter communicates with the master control panel by radio. When it receives a Beak Glass signal, The master control panel activates all or some of the sounder clusters by radio communication with battery backed slave panels with local wiring to the sounders. The sounders have a typical effective range of 70 metres in an environment with an ambient noise level of 70 – 80 dB and specific tones for “small fire or other safety incident” and “full site evacuation” are available. The central panel continually monitors the health of all elements of the system, with a check signal received hourly from every radio device.

Such systems will be particularly useful on a temporary basis when construction work is being carried out on large or congested sites. John Sisk is at the forefront of applying best practice in this regard, established in process sites to meet obligations under the Control of Major Accident Hazard ( COMAH) regulations.

The system is modular and easy to configure when deployed at a new site. Up to 64 break glass/radio units can control up to 48 sounder clusters, enabling the protection to be extended as required; the break glass call points and sounders can be located up to 5000 metres from the MCP.