Energy efficient. No maintenance means no problems and cost effective.

Energy efficient. No maintenance means no problems and cost effective

Jalite photoluminescent technology and developments have been making a major contribution to emergency evacuation illumination on board ships, aircraft, trains and offshore oil exploration installations for over 25 years.

Jalite life safety products have been specifically developed to identify and locate escape routes and life safety equipment in the event of power loss darkness or should smoke obscure the ambient light. Jalite photoluminescent products require no direct energy but are energised in moments by the ordinary ambient light, fluorescent, LED or daylight and will ensure that the escape route, emergency equipment and other life safety appliances can be immediately located when required. Unfortunately it is past tragedies that have been the catalyst for Jalite product requirement. These products are installed as a function of fire and safety legislation compliance to make the built environment a safer place.

Jalite photoluminescent materials, non-radioactive are extensively tested to ensure prescribed performance, both fantastic initial brightness and excellent longevity of illumination. This certificated performance to satisfy domestic and international standards conformance and the provenance to comply with fire and safety legislation.

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