Evacusafe’s Training Courses Receive ROSPA Approval

Evacusafe’s Training Courses Receive ROSPA Approval

Evacusafe are proud to announce that their Evacuation Chair Training Courses, have been approved by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).  Once again this sees the Company leading the way, as this is the World’s first ROSPA approval and accreditation for Evacuation Chair training, making the ROSPA approval unique to Evacusafe.

ROSPA have been dedicated to preventing accidents in the UK and Worldwide for almost 100 years.  Through ‘safety education’ they promote safety and the prevention of accidents in all areas of life including at work, at leisure, on the road and in the home.

When assessing the quality of safety training ROSPA looks at the standard of each area within the specific course and score it accordingly.  They ensure that there are clear learning aims and objectives that are suitable for the depth of knowledge of the theory being delivered and a course is scored on the quality of its content and materials, and how user-friendly it is for the trainee.  Evacusafe’s courses passed with flying colours, gaining full marks in every area and an overall ‘Very High Standard’.

Evacusafe have gained ROSPA approval for their in-house training courses, where their experienced trainer visits companies to carry out the training onsite, and also for their online training courses, which are now available via www.evacusafe.net.

Evacusafe’s Evacuation Chair Training Courses consist of a short theory session covering key areas such as risk assessment and legislation along with practical use of the chair.  Each trainee will benefit from having:

  • A basic understanding of fire regulations affecting mobility-impaired people
  • A better understanding of access and egress issues affecting those with a mobility impairment
  • Who may need the equipment and reasons to evacuate a building
  • An understanding of the manual handling and correct use of an evacuation chair

When a course is taken online the trainee is provided with video and training materials to cover the same areas as the practical onsite course, but they are able to take the training at a place and time that is most convenient to them.  All successful candidates receive a certificate fully endorsed by ROSPA.

In addition to Evacuation Chair Training, Evacusafe also offer training courses on other types of evacuation equipment such as Evacuslider Rescue-sheets and Patient Transport Chairs.  For further information on the training courses we offer please get in touch via calling 01256 332723, emailing training@evacusafe.net or visiting www.evacusafe.net/evacuation-chair-training/.