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ExGo, Ultra-reliable Extinguishing Control from Advanced

ExGo, Ultra-reliable Extinguishing Control from Advanced

ExGo is Advanced’s extinguishant and suppression control system, which has been developed specifically for sensitive and strategic assets such as server rooms, historic and cultural attractions and control rooms. High-profile installations have been made across the globe, including recently in the National Library of Romania.

ExGo features the quality, technology and reliability for which Advanced is renowned, in an easy to use and install system.

ExGo is suitable for almost all single-flooding area applications and includes a range of control options and devices, approved to EN54 parts 2, 4 and 13 and EN12094-1. It is among the industry’s first to combine these with EN12094 Part 3 in a single solution. EN12094-3 relates to the integrated manual release on the front of the panel.  ExGo can be integrated into Advanced’s MxPro or Axis EN fire systems or any third party fire alarm system.

The new National Library of Romania, a landmark building in the heart of Bucharest, has recently had a large number of ExGo panels installed and is a good example of the flexibility and scale that the system offers. It comprises 47 inter-linked ExGo panels, which monitor and control the valves that release up to 20 tonnes of NOVEC 1230 fire protection fluid into storage spaces throughout the building.

Daniel Voicu, spokesperson for the National Library of Romania, said: “With more than 13 million items in our care, many of which are totally irreplaceable, we needed to ensure that the new building offers the safest possible environment for our collections. After working with our installers we realised that Advanced was the obvious choice, providing a system that offers maximum possible defence against fire and the option for future enhancement as technology develops.”

The ExGo system includes a main control panel and a range of repeater units, devices, hold/abort buttons and active end of line devices.

It offers three conventional detection zones (including support for I.S. barrier) and one flooding/extinguishing zone. It is also compatible with both solenoid and Metron type actuators. The panels have four on-board relay outputs (Fire, Fault and 2x programmable), three sounder circuits, two AUX supply outlets, 11 monitored inputs (four programmable), one manual trigger and six release-related triggers (Mode, Valve Monitor, Pressure Monitor, Hold, Abort and Flow).

Air handling and fan controls can be connected to ExGo and Hold/Abort buttons can be wired directly into Remote Control Terminals, not only main panels, offering expanded control options.

ExGo Remote Status Indicators are available in two formats, a basic display only or a manual release version. Both have the option of key switches for automatic and manual mode select and access to programming levels. The ExGo system also includes a range of high performance conventional devices.

As with all Advanced products, ExGo is designed and manufactured entirely in the UK, to the highest quality standards. It is very simple to install, with a removable chassis and PSU.  All programming is carried out at the control panel via a simple, intuitive menu structure and large LCD screen.

An Autolearn Actuator Output circuit ensures no direct manual adjustment is required and all of the sensitive circuits can be analysed and configured by the panel menu system. On-board diagnostics can be accessed from the panel menu and all test modes and disablements are easily controlled. The specific nature of any faults is displayed to aid diagnosis. A time-stamped log tracks all activation events and can (along with all panel settings) be downloaded to a PC tool for reference, storage, filtering and printing.

The ExGo panel has 3A universal PSU (1A reserved for battery charging) that can be expanded to 5A, it also has an EN54-4 switch mode power supply with battery standby of up to 72 hours.

ExGo’s PC software is part of Advanced’s Dynamix Tools package, and is simple and easy to use.  It includes an extraction tool that allows event logs and system configuration to be downloaded, interrogated and exported to Office applications. A logo programming tool is also available allowing customer logos to be added to the ExGo display.

ExGo also offers a peripheral Eight-way Relay Output Card that provides eight individually programmable, 1 Amp-rated, volt-free, clean contact outputs, offering maximum flexibility where a number of independent outputs are required.

An optional Switch Module provides a simpler way of correctly terminating the switch point circuits. The switches are easy to wire and multiple units can be chained together on an input circuit. Additionally, the Zone Active End-of-line Module provides active end-of-line monitoring for zone circuits fitted with detectors and bases. The module will create a fault condition on the panel if a detector is removed from its base, without affecting the remainder of the zone. Both comply with the requirements of BS7273-1 and recognised installation codes of practice

Etienne Ricoux, sales manager at Advanced said: “In ExGo we have a system that offers the quality and reliability demanded by clients in this specialist sector. It is simple enough to be installed in a relatively small building, with the option to expand into a complex system covering one or more large sites. Regardless of how big the system is, ExGo remains simple to set up, control and monitor.”