FFE’s Talentum Flame Detectors Nominated for Tomorrow’s FM Award

FFE’s Talentum Flame Detectors Nominated for Tomorrow’s FM Award

FFE’s Talentum UV/Dual IR flame detectors have been nominated for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2017.

Talentum detectors are used in a huge array of sensitive or dangerous environments, including recycling facilities, textile plants, petrochemical plants and aircraft hangars. FFE has even adapted it to protect the Bloodhound supersonic car.

Unique benefits of Talentum UV/Dual IR include:

  • An ability to detect fires in seconds, even before smoke is produced (or from smokeless fires) from sources as wide-ranging as paper, plastic, rubber, textiles, metals and foam, ensuring early fires are kept under control.
  • Unlike conventional flame detectors which concentrate on a single area of the spectrum, Talentum’s Broadspectrum® technology detects from non-visible ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR), identifying the characteristics of the flames themselves.
  • They are immune from the effects of sunlight, artificial light, arc welding, electrical sparks or UV lamps.

These features combine to make the Talentum a flame detector with excellent all‐round performance, sensitive to all fuel types, immune from false readings – and available at a lower cost per unit than standard flame units.

“We’re delighted to be nominated for this award,” said FFE’s Managing Director Mark Osborne. “Talentum really is unique, and the Bloodhound project is just one example of its versatility. We took an industrial product and developed it to work in what is, effectively, a jet fighter/racing car/spaceship combined. Rolls Royce and Jaguar both have their engines in the car – and have their brand names printed on it – so Talentum has been trusted to not only protect Bloodhound, but the integrity of these other brands as well. No other flame detector exists that can do this.”

Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0)1462 444 740,   Email: sales@ffeuk.com   Website: www.ffeuk.com   Twitter: @Fireray_FFE / @Talentum_FFE


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