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Fike Launches Repeater Panel for TWINFLEX®pro 2-Wire Fire Detection System

Fike Launches Repeater Panel for TWINFLEX®pro 2-Wire Fire Detection System

Fike Safety Technology (FST) has launched a Repeater Panel as part of its TWINFLEX®pro Smart 2-Wire Fire Detection System. The Repeater Panel is a small remote display unit that can be connected to a 4 or 8 zone version 2 TWINFLEX®pro panel via an RS485 data link, with a maximum of 8 Repeater Panels connected to a single control panel. The unit does not itself connect to or control any devices; it simply reports all fire and fault events that occur in the system. It can also perform system actions over the data link (i.e. Silence Alarms, Reset, Sound Alarms and Silence Buzzer). The Repeater Panel is intended to provide display capability at secondary building entrances, nurse’s stations and at any location where the panel event information is required to be displayed.

The TWINFLEX®pro system incorporates the Multipoint combined smoke and heat detector with built-in sounder, which allows the whole system to be easily installed using only one pair of wires per zone. As Multipoint offers 7 different modes of detection, the installation is made even simpler since one device suits all applications. Checkpoint Alarm Confirmation Technology is a feature of the system that has seen TWINFLEX®pro installed extensively in applications such as Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). This is a configurable pre-alarm that can be set on detectors in dwelling areas that allows time to investigate the cause of the alarm before building-wide evacuation is initiated. This can significantly reduce the disruption from nuisance alarms.

This versatile system has the ability to differentiate between call point and detector alarms; can accommodate a maximum of 32 devices per zone; has separate fault monitoring display for each zone; incorporates a man walk test facility and zones can be configured without the need to use resistors or capacitors. To make the TWINFLEX®pro system even more flexible, Fike can also provide a special Output Unit. This can be situated anywhere on the zone circuit and is ideal for connecting to equipment such as plant shutdown controls and door release mechanisms.

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