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Fire-Cryer graduates at Swansea University

Fire-Cryer graduates at Swansea University

Vimpex Fire-Cryer Voice Enhanced Sounders have been installed on link bridges between buildings at Swansea University, to increase the protection of staff and students 

should there be a fire alarm, by delivering clear messages and ensure a fast, efficient evacuation.

Swansea University has eight colleges spread across its two campuses which are located on the coastline of Swansea Bay. It currently has 20,375 undergraduate and postgraduate 

students who come from over 130 different countries. 

Following a fire risk assessment carried out by the University that identified the sound of the fire alarm not reaching all parts of the campus, it was decided to install voice enhanced 

sounders on link bridges between University buildings to ensure staff and students would evacuate as quickly and effectively as possible, should there be a fire emergency.

Vimpex Fire-Cryer® Voice Sounders were specified because they offer a simple, fully synchronised and cost-effective voice evacuation solution. Whether retro-fitted into an existing 

installation or as part of a new system design, they can be fully integrated into the fire alarm system and work on a conventional two-wire bell circuit. They can be fully synchronised 

and have a low current consumption allowing simple replacement of existing sounders and bells.

Fire-Cryer® Voice Sounders can be programmed to produce bespoke messages and tones specifically designed for each location, and is the only voice sounder system available 

with a range of discrete ceiling mounted voice sounders through to high output IP66 voice sounders.

Established in 1994, Vimpex is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of Fire Detection, Alarm and Evacuation products and accessories. The company produces 

and distributes a range of high quality Evacuation, Signalling and Building Infrastructure System products – both Vimpex manufactured and supplied by the company’s manufacturing partners.

Swansea based Plexus fire & Security has nearly 40 years experience,  offering clients unparalleled levels of quality and expertise In all aspects of installation, service and maintenance 

of Electronic Security, Access, CCTV and Life Safety Systems.

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