Fire doors save lives…can yours?

Fire doors save lives…can yours?

Lorient, respected designer and manufacturer of high-performance door sealing systems offers a range of Testing & Technical Services, including fire door inspection services. The RRO came into force in 2006 in England and Wales; transferring the responsibility for Fire Safety from the fire authorities to whoever has day-to-day control of building premises –  the ‘Responsible Person’. This person must take steps to reduce the risk from fire; consider how to contain a fire should one break out and ensure people can escape safely.

Lorient offers a professional and experienced fire door inspection service for complete peace of mind. Inspectors are fully qualified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS); and have been assessed by Exova Warringtonfire, an independent third party. Certificated to carry out the inspection of building’s fire doors and prepare a detailed survey; and report on the condition and function of the fire doors on premises. Lorient has been instrumental in the start-up of FDIS, maintaining qualified inspectors since 2012; during that time, they have inspected fire doors in schools, with large volumes of fire doors to period buildings, secured contracts on new build sites and inspected/advised during the installation of fire doors.

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