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Fire training from Morgan Fire Protection Ltd

Fire training from Morgan Fire Protection Ltd

Morgan Fire Protection Ltd is a vastly expanding company. I myself am one of several new members of staff to join the company this year. Having been taken on by Morgan Fire to help with Marketing and Stock Control, it was important for me to understand all areas of the business.

One of the services Morgan Fire Protection has to offer customers is fire training. Presented in many forms, no two courses delivered by our Senior Safety Consultant and Trainer, Mick Chambers, are the same. Every course is tailor made to the needs of the site in question, which can vary greatly dependant on the level of risk involved at the business or site. Also available is the ability to undertake the Staff Fire Training course or the more in-depth Fire Marshal Training.

Keen to see how the course worked, I attended a CITB Fire Safety Awareness course myself. The course was delivered by Mick Chambers on Thursday 4th September at the Crawley site of one of the largest construction companies in the UK. Due to the nature of their business, all sites are considered to be quite a high risk.

The first thing I was impressed by was how the course was broken up into sections, making it suit all three types of learning styles. There were video clips, theory sections and even a live rig for the practical session. The course was then finished off with a questionnaire to ensure that the information had been absorbed and would be retained by each individual.

The theory was delivered solely by Mick, which was informative and interesting. Along the way Mick also gave case study examples of when incidents like the ones he was describing had happened and what the outcomes were. This gave the participants of the course something concrete to take away with them to prove that these things do happen.

Video clips were used to show real examples and consolidate the theory for those participants who learn better by seeing things as they are explained. These were used in a totally appropriate way and were very effective. What surprised the participants most and was shown very effectively by the video clips is exactly how quickly a fire can spread. Also how you can save valuable, crucial minutes by employing a few early detector methods and stalling measures to make sure everyone has time to escape safely.

Finally, the live training rig was great for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. This allowed everybody taking the training course to get involved and learn how to prepare an extinguisher for use, how to use it and also where the aim the hose or horn to get the most effective use out of the extinguisher.

All in all, the training was a complete success with 100% of participants passing the course. More importantly, however, it left them all thinking about whether they had enough smoke detectors at home and asking Mick various questions regarding how they could employ the same ideas at home as well as in the work place.

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