Fläkt Woods raises the standards of fire safety with latest fire damper

Fläkt Woods raises the standards of fire safety with latest fire damper

Fläkt Woods has added the ETPR-E-1 to its high quality range of smoke and fire dampers. Based on the extremely popular MFD-17 model, the new design incorporates additional insulation on the damper blade, which ensures it fulfils the smoke leakage air tightness requirements of Class E 60 S – as specified in EN-13501-3.

The damper also achieves the requirements of tightness class C according to EN 1751 and upcoming changes to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – providing it with the European industry recognised CE Mark.

For more details of the updated and CE marked range of fire dampers, visit www.flaktwoods.co.uk

Fläkt Woods’ ETPR-E-1 circular fire damper is utilised as a closing device for preventing the spread of fire in ventilation ducts between compartments. It is equipped with a fusible link and spring mechanism for closing as standard, or with an optional electrical actuator. The ETPR-E-1 has also been tested for fire resistance according to BS 476, retaining its integrity for 130 minutes.

The ETPR-E-1 complies with the required fire resistance classes for installations in vertical and horizontal ducting. It is type approved for fire class EI 90 – installation into building elements of concrete, lightweight concrete, brick or gypsum plate walls of the same class without the need for a separate mounting frame.

The ETPR-E-1 is available with ducting diameters ranging from 100mm to 500mm. For ease of installation, the unit casing has an integral mounting flange which enables units to be fitted directly to the building fabric and, for quick and simple maintenance, ETPR-E-1 fire dampers do not require an access panel for testing or resetting.

Commenting on the product range, Allan Hurdle, Managing Director, Fläkt Woods said: “As fire dampers are hidden from buildings’ occupants, it makes their role even more essential in protecting against the spread of smoke and fire. 

“At Fläkt Woods, we recognise just how important it is to supply the best possible products and that’s why we’ve introduced the ETPR-E-1. Not only does it provide improved performance in terms of to smoke leakage, but it is also CPR ready with the CE mark already accredited to all models.”

For more information on the complete range of fire dampers and other fire safety products from Fläkt Woods, visit www.flaktwoods.co.uk