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FLIR industry announcement

FLIR Industry Announcement

FLIR Systems releases free informative guidebook for firefighters, Thermal Imaging for Firefighters:  The Ultimate Guide

As a leading provider of thermal imaging cameras for firefighting applications, FLIR Systems developed its K-Series cameras in close collaboration with fire departments around the world. To share some of its knowledge and expertise with its customers, FLIR has now released a free guidebook for firefighters, called Thermal Imaging for Firefighters: The Ultimate Guide.

Although it is still an exotic technology for many, thermal imaging cameras are well-known tools in the firefighting community, and their life-saving qualities are firmly established. During the development of FLIR’s range of firefighting thermal imaging cameras, the company worked directly with firefighters around the world to make sure their unique needs were addressed in every phase of the design process.

To share its knowledge and expertise with its customers, FLIR has now developed an easy-to-read informative booklet covering everything what firefighters need to know about thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for firefighting applications.

In this booklet, you will learn:

  • The essentials of infrared technology and how thermal imaging works
  • Why thermal imaging is critical to firefighting and search and rescue
  • How firefighters helped FLIR develop the K-Series thermal imaging camera
  • Why high quality thermal imaging today is much more affordable
  • Unique ways FLIR makes thermal imaging easier in the heat of the battle
  • What users are saying about the K-Series and thermal imaging overall
  • Valuable applications where thermal imaging can help to save lives and resources

The free guide book can be downloaded from the FLIR Systems website at or directly from: