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Global distribution expands to Malta as Exports are up for Evac+Chair International

Global Distribution Expands to Malta as Exports are up for Evac+Chair International

The Maltese distributor, Safety and Security Management Ltd, offer consultancy and training within the health and safety sector. They will handle the distribution of Evac+Chair’s products, in particular the new Mark 4 edition chair, to the Maltese government, housing associations and the main general hospital in Malta.

Following a sluggish 2010 in the international export market, 2011 looks promising. The news of the new Maltese distributor comes at a time when opportunities in the UK economy remains bleak, but exports to other countries such as the USA increase as they ride out their recession.

In addition to the Maltese distributor, Evac+Chair also has distribution networks in over 35 countries including the USA, Japan and in the emerging economies, Brazil and Russia.

Barry Scholes, Director at Evac+Chair International, said:

ÔÇ£The last year has been particularly difficult for businesses due to the cost-cutting taking place as a result of a sluggish UK economy. Many of our public sector customers have faced significant cutbacks, meaning we have had to look elsewhere in order to expand the business.

ÔÇ£This is an exciting time for Evac+Chair as there is a considerable amount of activity happening within the global export market. We are seeing a 20% increase in exports to our existing distributors in the USA, Japan, Holland and Germany and we are confident our new Maltese distributor will do well.

Evac+Chair International saw an unprecedented rise in orders to Japan after the recent earthquake.

Barry Scholes continued: ÔÇ£There was a staggering amount of interest in our products at the recent Japanese health and safety exhibition, Disaster Prevention & Security in Osaka, showing that the safe evacuation of people from buildings is at the forefront of the minds of Japanese businesses and employers.ÔÇØ

For further information please visit – http://www.evac-chair.co.uk/