Hochiki Protects New Blood Centre

Hochiki Protects New Blood Centre

A total of 891 Hochiki ESP – Enhanced System Protocol – open-protocol devices were installed by Bristol-based MAT Fire Systems Ltd. They include: 615 optical smoke sensors that incorporate Hochiki’s unique Flat Response Technology; 94 analogue addressable, loop-powered beacons that utilise the latest high-intensity LED technology; and 79 manual call points. The Hochiki solution also comprised 75 Input/Output modules for monitoring and controlling ancillary equipment from the loop. The Hochiki devices are linked to three Advanced Electronics fire detection and alarm control panels, one with a two-loop configuration and two with four-loop configurations.

Commenting on the Hochiki devices, Rick Coles, Managing Director of MAT Fire Systems, says: The new Filton Blood Centre does critical life support work and is in operation around the clock every day of the year, so there could be absolutely no compromise on equipment reliability. We have used Hochiki equipment several times in the past and have found nothing on the market that compares with its dependability and zero false alarms record.” He continues: “The Hochiki devices can also easily accommodate the inevitable reconfiguration of the open-plan working spaces that are likely to be made to meet the Centre’s future needs.”

Selecting Hochiki’s products enabled the MAT Fire Systems installation to incorporate the very latest technological advances in enhanced detection speed and accuracy, and the avoidance of false alarms. For example, Hochiki’s ESP analogue addressable open protocol has three features that contribute significantly towards a high immunity to false alarms. It provides what is called full digital transmission for exceptionally secure signalling; it incorporates Hochiki’s Checksum error checking to safeguard the integrity of the data and ensure reliably correct communication; and has high immunity from electrical noise, so there are no false alarms due to corruption.

To further boost immunity from false alarms, Hochiki also has a suite of false alarm management tools called ARM – which stands for Alarm Reduction Management – within the ESP system. Some elements of ARM are initiated automatically, while others are programmable to satisfy specific site needs.

Hochiki Europe (UK) is headquartered in Gillingham, Kent, and has been active in the fire safety market since 1993. It is a subsidiary of the Tokyo-based Hochiki Corporation that this year celebrates 90 years in the fire safety business.The company installed Japan’s first public fire alarm in 1920 and developed the world’s first addressable manual call point. Today, it is an international business that manufactures more than five million detectors every year, and has the largest fire test laboratory in the world.

Further information is available by telephone on +44 (0)1634 266 566, or via email at news@hochikieurope.com.The company’s website is at www.hochikieurope.com.

The National Blood Service is constantly looking for donors to meet the demand for blood. You may be able to be a blood donor if you are aged between 17 and 60, weigh over 50kg and in good health. Regular donors can donate until they are 70. For more information, or to make an appointment, call the NBS helpline on 0845 7 711 711 or go to www.blood.co.uk

Maintaining your machinery

If your machinery isn’t maintained or checked, it may malfunction. If a malfunction occurs, the equipment may go awry, the equipment may overheat and subsequently cause a fire. Along with your machinery, your fire alarm systems and protection should regularly be maintained and checked, so as to ensure it will still adequately function in the case of a fire outbreak. So make sure your fire alarm system is regularly serviced and maintained!

Manufacturing Fire Safety Emergency Procedures

Fire drills where loud machinery and equipment are being operated, are often difficult to carry out. You will need the right alarm system that can be heard over these. However, drills must be carried at least once a year. All full time and temporary members of staff should be aware of the full evacuation process. If your staff are more experienced in fire procedures, the smoother the evacuation process! Additionally, staff need to understand how to use the fire protection equipment available. To get your staff confident with the use of the fire protection equipment, get them fire warden trained!

Therefore, for more information on manufacturing fire safety and the right fire protection, installations and maintenance for your premises. Call our friendly team on 0845 402 3045 or email sales@assured-ltd.co.uk for more information on Fire Protection Service and MaintenanceFire Alarm InstallationsFire Safety Training or any Fire Risk Assessments!

Published August 2018