Hochiki Publishes Emergency Lighting BS5266 Guide

Hochiki Publishes Emergency Lighting BS5266 Guide

UK fire safety legislation states that people in premises must be able to find their way to a place of total safety if there is a fire by using escape routes that have sufficient lighting. BS5266 provides guidance for the maximum viewing distances and luminance conditions for safety signs, the positioning of emergency luminaires, minimum height levels, Lux levels, acceptable glare levels and minimum routine testing schedules.

All emergency lighting installations must adhere to the requirements set out in BS5266 and Hochiki’s new guide examines the constituent parts of the standard and explains their key points in a clear, concise and easy to read format. It also identifies the various types of emergency lighting systems on the market, where they can be used and outlines what installers should consider when specifying them.

Hochiki Europe, which is a member of ICEL (Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting) has produced this publication to complement its innovative FIREscape emergency lighting system.

Manufactured in the UK and BS5266 compliant, Hochiki’s FIREscape emergency lighting system comprises of an addressable emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up. It features addressable, self-contained light emitting diode (LED) luminaires and signage connected via low voltage (40V) cabling. The luminaires are also equipped with battery back-up, making sure they will function in every situation. The unique features of this system mean significant cost, energy and maintenance savings.

Stuart Davies, Hochiki’s marketing manager, commented, ‘Hochiki’s new guide to BS5266 is an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved with the installation, design and specification of emergency lighting systems. The correct positioning of exit signage and emergency lighting is essential in saving lives and by explaining the key elements of this important standard we hope to encourage a greater understanding of it.’

Visit Hochiki Europe’s website www.hochikieurope.com/bs5266  to download the free guide to BS5266 ÔÇ£The design, installation and wiring of emergency lighting systemsÔÇØ. 

It is also available in a handy and durable A6 hard copy format that can be requested by completing the form on the Hochiki Europe website www.hochikieurope.com/bs5266