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Intelligent Fire Panels Protect Student Village

Intelligent Fire Panels Protect Student Village

The fire detection system comprises of ten networked Mx-4000 control panels, at least one situated in each accommodation block, interfaced to 1,700 Apollo Discovery fire detectors and devices. The main block also contains a bespoke 500-zone LED mimic panel coupled with a scaled site plan, also supplied by Advanced. This integrated system allows any fire and fault condition, at any location, to be instantly alerted on all the fire panels and site mimic panel. In the event of a fire, the system also sends messages via a site-wide pager system, opens dampers for smoke ventilation, releases magnetic door retainers and initiates lift shutdowns. The system was installed by Leader Systems UK Ltd for the client, The Mainstay Group.

Commenting on the project Paul Whittingham, of managing agents The Mainstay Group said, ‘The installation, design and implementation phases went very smoothly and the fire detection system has proved to be totally reliable. It has been trouble-free from an operational and safety point of view, which is a credit to all parties concerned.’

The Mx-4000 control panels are configured to enable a phased evacuation of the building ensuring that only residents in the immediate vicinity and above the area of alarm are evacuated first. Should the alarm continue the system will then evacuate the entire floor where the incident occurred, followed by the evacuation of the entire block as necessary. Leader Systems worked closely with Advanced to develop special verification software for all automatic detection within the high risk areas. This is programmed to operate over and above the main phased evacuation programme.

Advanced Electronics manufactures a comprehensive range of intelligent control and indicating panels, software and peripherals for fire detection, smoke control and emergency lighting monitoring. The Mx-4000 family of fire panels is approved to EN54 Parts 2 & 4 and is compatible with both Hochiki and Apollo protocols.

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Maintaining your machinery

If your machinery isn’t maintained or checked, it may malfunction. If a malfunction occurs, the equipment may go awry, the equipment may overheat and subsequently cause a fire. Along with your machinery, your fire alarm systems and protection should regularly be maintained and checked, so as to ensure it will still adequately function in the case of a fire outbreak. So make sure your fire alarm system is regularly serviced and maintained!

Manufacturing Fire Safety Emergency Procedures

Fire drills where loud machinery and equipment are being operated, are often difficult to carry out. You will need the right alarm system that can be heard over these. However, drills must be carried at least once a year. All full time and temporary members of staff should be aware of the full evacuation process. If your staff are more experienced in fire procedures, the smoother the evacuation process! Additionally, staff need to understand how to use the fire protection equipment available. To get your staff confident with the use of the fire protection equipment, get them fire warden trained!

Therefore, for more information on manufacturing fire safety and the right fire protection, installations and maintenance for your premises. Call our friendly team on 0845 402 3045 or email for more information on Fire Protection Service and MaintenanceFire Alarm InstallationsFire Safety Training or any Fire Risk Assessments!

Published August 2018