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ISO 23601 – Escape & Evacuation Plan Signs

ISO 23601 - Escape & Evacuation Plan Signs

It has been widely accepted that there is a need to standardise on a system of communicating escape routes in facilities that rely as little as possible on words, focussing more on visual identification of location and routes to safety.

As the leader in the provision of evacuation and escape solutions, Silver Bear Fire have a keen understanding of the fire related compliance issues confronting commercial property owners and managers, and as a result, offer professional solutions for your building escape requirements.

Our free briefing document is intended to be used as an introduction to this new standard and to help understand how to identify and implement the key elements that are covered in the standard.

Silver Bear welcome the release of this standard as a major step towards an internationally adopted standard for the design of escape plans. Through consistency and accuracy of the information portrayed within the escape plan, we believe that interpretation of its instructions will be greatly improved, helping to safeguard your personnel and visitors and reduce both risk to life and evacuation times.

We are pleased to be able to offer a free briefing document on the ISO 23601 standard and information on how it can effectively be implemented. If you would like to receive a copy of this, please email us at info@silverbearfire.co.uk or visit our website at http://www.silverbearfire.co.uk/Escape%20Plans/ISO23601/

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