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It’s a ‘Lean & Mean’ Voice Alarm Machine! 4EVAC’s debuts its Compact 500 Voice Alarm at FIREX 2017

It’s a ‘Lean & Mean’ Voice Alarm Machine! 4EVAC’s Debuts Its Compact 500 Voice Alarm at FIREX 2017

4EVAC is delighted to present its Compact 500 Voice Alarm at FIREX, in London’s ExCel, 20-22 June 2017, on stand: E90.

With over 30 years experience, 4EVAC is in tune with the exacting specifications required to meet contemporary fire and life safety protection.

4EVAC’s Compact 500 is setting a precedent based on innovation and the concept of a modular ‘systems-in-a–box’, which is infinitely configurable and designed to meet the exacting demands of modern building regulations and expectations.

Manufactured in Europe to 4EVAC’s rigorous standards, the Compact 500 is EN54 compliant. It is also third party approved and certified beyond the minimum relevant European standards, including EN54-16:2008, EN54-4:2006, EN54-17:2005 and EN50130-4:2011.

The Compact 500 also offers a ‘mean’ and powerful solution, providing an advanced digital audio-distribution on a networked VACIE solution. It cleverly packs a punch with the added power and features of Global Network Topology.

Offering the implicit simplicity of a stand-alone conventional system, its compact design and minimal footprint, the Compact 500 comprises a series of self-contained ‘Wall-mounted Control’ and ‘Indicating Voice-Alarm’ panels.

The Compact 500’s ‘lean’ modular design offers fast, efficient and cost effective installation, and operates seamlessly in any environment across both private and public sectors. 

4EVAC’s Sales Director, Albert Van der Hout, commented:  “We’re excited about exhibiting at FIREX for the first time. As the Compact 500 is in stock and available for shipping we can fulfil the growing demand for what is an advanced but simple VA system that’s ‘lean’ in its installation and operational costs, but ‘mean’ in terms of its capacity and power to surpass modern requirements.”

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