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JALITE Director, John Creak passes away after dedicating over 30 years to the photoluminescent safety sign company

JALITE Director, John Creak passes away after dedicating over 30 years to the photoluminescent safety sign company

It is with great sadness that we officially announce the passing of our beloved Director John Creak. John passed away peacefully in his sleep on the 8th January 2021.


John will be greatly missed, but we will remember him as the larger than life, fun loving person that he was. John touched the lives of many people within the fire safety industry and across the globe, and he would have liked for us all to remember him as a creative scientist who loved life, cared for people and enjoyed a smile.


John dedicated over 30 years to developing JALITE, a name that through his work has become synonymous with world-leading photoluminescent safety signs; providing quality products and value led services to our customers.


His time on various technical committees and associations such as BSI, HSSA and PSPA for provision and specification for photoluminescent wayfinding fire safety signage, is testament to his commitment to sharing his expertise; ultimately helping to reduce risks and save lives worldwide.


Within JALITE we are all committed to continue on this path in extending our technical capabilities, delivering the best products that comply to both British and International Standards, competitive and advantageous pricing, and excellent customer services.


To ensure continuity, we have adapted our organisation as follows:


Director Nicholas Creak

Nicholas has worked in Finance and Banking for more than 20 years. He has been a member of the board of JALITE for the last 10 years.

Currently based in Switzerland, he will join the team and focus on developing the JALITE distributor network in the UK and abroad, developing our value proposition, as well as continue to represent JALITE in the various standard organisations such as HSSA and PSPA.


Board member: Charlotte Julien

Charlotte Julien is John’s daughter and the co-founder of éméo skincare in Switzerland since 2015. The company specialises in the formulation and resell of skincare in Switzerland and Internationally. Through her experience in developing her own business she has acquired a range of skillsets including digital strategy. She has also been a JALITE board member for the last couple of years and will continue to do so in the years to come.


Head of Customer Services and Deputy: Hayley Bishop

Hayley has worked for JALITE and within this industry for the last 14 years. Heading the customer services department, she has built a strong rapport with our customers over the years, dedicated to going above and beyond in providing them with premium customer services, and technical advice, guidance, and support.


Customer services team: Jessica Ridgway, Ailsa Nichols and Ashley Thompson

Our customer services representatives have years of experience and are fully trained with regards to the British and International standards; providing you with any technical support you need. Our team is also equipped with extensive literature, guidance, sales promotion, and material to assist you immediately, only a phone call or email away!


Head of Operations: Ian Hegarty

Ian has worked for JALITE for 29 years after joining the company as a production consultant, having previously owned his own printing company. Following all these years of experience, Ian was made Head of Production and Logistics, providing our customers with products that are manufactured with the renowned JALITE assured quality; working with our suppliers to further extend our technological advantage.


Production team: Peter Hawkins, Michael Muggeridge, and George Telford

With printing and manufacturing experience that spans the full 30 year lifetime of JALITE as a company, our production team have the skills and diligence to maintain the highest standard of quality for all JALITE products- compliant to ISO 9001.


Logistics team: Debbie Palmer and Shannon McCready-Gardner

The logistics team at JALITE ensure that you are guaranteed to receive our products in their original quality condition; promising efficiency and timely deliveries. They are the friendly face you are greeted with; representing the reliability and accuracy that we operate with.


Graphic design team: Steve Perry and Tony Watts

Our graphic design team is primed to cater to our customers’ bespoke needs, having worked at JALITE and within this industry for almost two decades. Our team ensure that our customers can have complete confidence in their signage requests, as our team is always at the forefront of both British and International Standards, when the specifications for these Standards evolve.


Head of APAC Region: Norris Wong

 Norris has been a member of the JALITE Group since 2003.  She first joined to help with marketing JALITE in Hong Kong.  She later took the role as the Director of JALITE Asia Limited.  JALITE Asia was set up to develop and provide customer service to the sales and marketing network in the Asia Pacific regions. Tapping into the advantages of the fast-developing production capabilities in SE Asia, JALITE Asia is also the product development centre for JALITE Group, as well as the key to control supplies and sourcing of specialties from Asia Pacific areas.

Norris finished two masters in Industrial Logistics and Fire Engineering.  She had rich knowledge in operations and logistics in various industries before she joined JALITE.


Head of Americas Region: Alex Yost

Alex, a member of the JALITE team since 2004, first joined as the Technical Director for JALITE in the USA. Alex assisted in the development of the code adopted by the NYC Dept. of Buildings for High Rise Buildings which was the precursor to the current IBC Code. In 2009, Alex filled his current position as the Director of Operations for JALITE USA. The JALITE office located outside of NYC in North Eastern Pennsylvania, is where we deliver service to our distributors in the US, Canada, and Latin America.


We are looking forward to continuing working together in making our environment safer for all.


When the lights go out, ours come on.

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