Mul-T-Lock kick-starts the new year by launching new high security platform, MTLTM500

Mul-T-Lock kick-starts the new year by launching new high security platform, MTLTM500


Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has launched the new MTLTM500 multi-patented mechanical platform, boasting next-level protection for both residential and commercial environments.


The MTL™500 is ideal for medium to large sized business customers ­due to its compatibility with various locking products, its advanced master key capabilities and its ability to provide a variety of keying options.

The new platform is designed to replace its predecessor the MT5, but with Mul-T-Lock’s backward compatibility function, customers are able to secure their facilities with an up-to-date, high security solution, while the new master keys remain compatible with previous products. This means locksmiths can assure customers that they can gradually upgrade their existing systems, rather than needing to replace the whole system at once – saving them precious financial resources.

Upon grant of patent, the MTL™500 is protected against unauthorised key duplication until 2039, and Mul-T-Lock customers will be supported with replacement or expansion products throughout and following the transition.


With locksmiths in mind, the MTL™500 is quick and easy to pin and assemble, and allows locksmiths to utilise past investments such as the KC5 machine for key cutting and the original MT5 pinning kit. The MTL™500 patented system, paired with its unique magnetic card, grants the end user enhanced key copy control, since duplicate keys can only be cut on presentation of the key card and its direct use with the Mul-T-Lock KC5 key machine.



Integrating advanced security technology with heightened key control, the cylinder provides a combination of protective elements to create a double locking mechanism. Platforms are keyed-alike and master keyable to ensure access permissions can be quickly changed and to allow access to multiple doors with a single key – all for added security and convenience.


Anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and fire resistant, the MTL™500 also offers a Break Secure cylinder variant, designed to snap off when attacked and leave the main portion of the cylinder fully intact and functioning.


Claire Blakemore, Managing Director at Mul-T-Lock, comments: “As we venture into the next generation of Mul-T-Lock products, it’s important for us to carry on creating the platforms that both locksmiths and their customers can rely on.


“We know that homes and businesses can be ever-changing environments from time to time, with staff turnover, contractors needing short-term access, and different staff or tenants requiring access to only specific areas. The MTL™500 ensures complete convenience for these requirements, without compromising on security.”


To learn more about the MTL™500, or to become an approved Mul-T-Lock distributor, please call 01902 364200, email or visit


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