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JALITE hotel evacuation plan and instructions

JALITE hotel evacuation plan and instructions

Legislation requires that all building occupants are informed and instructed on the actions required in the event of an emergency.

Jalite world leaders in photoluminescent evacuation technology and escape product development manufacture multi-lingual emergency escape and action notices.

Jalite AAA photoluminescent materials offer exceptional illumination in the event of power failure. Jalite photoluminescent technology ensures rapid excitation at low light levels and exceptional brightness in the event of power failure. This performance gets evacuees’ reassurance and superb orientation within their room.

Jalite evacuation plans and instruction will be noticed immediately once the lights are turned off, drawing the attention of guests to this valuable and important information.

All Jalite require is a pdf or cad drawing of escape route with fire safety arrangements and the text of fire safety management actions. Jalite will endeavour to propose an A4 or A3 size plan. 

email sales@jalite.com for more information.