KAC Manual Call Points for Legacy Mains Voltage Fire Systems

KAC Manual Call Points for Legacy Mains Voltage Fire Systems

Whilst the overwhelming majority of fire systems in Europeand around the world operate at 24VDC, there are a significant number of legacymains voltage systems still in commission. These systems are located primarilyin the Far East or in countries that have recently joined the EU, and theyrequire continuing support for routine maintenance and replacement of devices.

The MCP6V is a specially terminated unit fitted with a mainsvoltage microswitch. Externally identical in size and user interface with thenormal low voltage version, it features warning signs, visible when theoperating cassette is removed, to alert installers and service engineers to thepresence of high voltage. 

The internal layout of the unit has been designedspecifically to minimise any opportunity for inadvertent contact with theterminals. The product is tested and approved by LPCB to EN54-11.

KAC Marketing Manager, Mark Thomson, said, “The new mainsvoltage unit joins KAC’s market leading range of call points designed to meet theneeds of specific installation environments”.

Our recently launched MED approveddevices for use in marine fire systems and ATEX approved call points forhazardous areas are two further examples of our commitment to developingproduct variants that offer additional features or enhanced performance overour standard product range.

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