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Kentec Protects China to Yorkshire Power Station project

Kentec Protects China to Yorkshire Power Station project

A Sigma XT extinguishing panel and accessories manufactured by Kentec, a life safety control systems manufacturer, are protecting a power storage station built in Hefei in China, and brought over to Yorkshire, in Northern England.


Guangzhou Wanzhen Information Technology Co. Ltd completed the installation and commissioning of the project for Sungrow Power in Hefei earlier this year, after which it was transported to Yorkshire, where the storage container was fixed to the site. The storage station forms part of Sungrow’s Photovoltaic solar energy project.


From construction to completion, the project was completed in just four months, with the methodology now being used as a blue-print across the power construction industry.


The installation included a Sigma XT Extinguishant panel, status unit, abort switch and warning signs. A spokesperson for Guangzhou Wanzhen Information Technology Co. Ltd says the Sigma range is ideal for high risk sites such as power stations:


“Kentec’s Sigma range is highly reliable and renowned throughout the industry for its robust build quality. We were therefore very happy to specify the system for this critical project.”


Three initiation circuits are included as standard with the Sigma XT releasing panel. This means release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to enable specific and controlled activations, thus protecting a site’s critical equipment from unnecessary extinguishant release damage.


Kevin Swann, Managing Director of Kentec, says the Sigma XT has been built with the end user and installer in mind: “A large LED display provides a highly-intuitive interface for end users to configure systems to suit their specific sites,” he explains. “And with all the electronics mounted on a single, easily removable steel plate, the panels are both robust and easy to install.”


The LED display informs on the time remaining until release for added user safety. This countdown timer can be duplicated on up to seven status units per panel, to provide localised indication of system status. Any number of abort switches can be connected to the abort terminal, providing complete convenience of system design.  


The Sigma XT has been approved and certified to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4, with UL and FM versions also available.