Kentec’s Supporting Role at London’s Prince Charles Cinema

Kentec's Supporting Role at London's Prince Charles Cinema

Opened in 1962, the Prince Charles Cinema, located in London’s Leicester Place was originally designed as a theatre and is now the West End’s only independent cinema. The recent addition of a second screen at the cinema meant that a fire alarm upgrade was needed to accommodate the new building layout.

The existing fire alarm was replaced with a two-stage addressable system comprising a Kentec Syncro single loop AS analogue addressable fire alarm control panel with ‘Public’ and ‘Non-Public’ modes with a three-minute timer to give staff time to investigate any alarm. Wireless detectors by Argus Security were installed throughout the building on all escape routes and areas of high risk such as plant rooms, electrical intake areas and machinery rooms.

The new system being addressable means that each device has a text location message programmed into the fire alarm control panel, enabling staff to identify the precise location of an alarm.

Due to the fire alarm system being wireless, Fire Systems Ltd were able to fit the complete system in just two days with no disruption to the working of the cinema, the fabric or decoration of the building and without the need for unsightly cables.