L S Fire Group pledge their support for Fire Door Safety Week

L S Fire Group pledge their support for Fire Door Safety Week

L S Fire Group take their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 very seriously. It is not widely understood that by virtue of their contract with a client they can be held liable if they are deemed to be negligent.

To fulfil key objectives for excellence in fire protection a strategy across 5 key disciplines is essential.

  1. Prevention
  2. Escape
  3. Communication
  4. Suppression and finally
  5. Confinement

Fire door safety week (15-21 September) has galvanised the resources for L S Fire Group to ensure that the mammoth task of informing 25,000 clients, Responsible Persons, throughout industry and organisations are aware of how important a fire door is.

Yes a simple door-Leave it open without a correct closing device, having it poorly maintained or fitted is a gateway to losing your business, as this will spread fire and smoke into fire exit routes. This can result in catastrophic loss of life and property.

L S Fire Group are instructing their 100+ technicians to speak to premises managers, operation managers and human resources managers about the importance and purpose of this vital fire safety arrangement.

They have been tasked with encouraging audit, review and detailing within the fire safety manual and log book that they have been checked during Fire Door Safety Week.

LS Fire Group would like to thank the British Woodworking Federation for so much helpful information both for their technicians and communication staff.

As that famed comedian used to say, “Shut that door”!

Email your fire door related questions to firedoorsafety@lsfiregroup.co.uk.