Legion Launches Next Generation Evacuation Software

Legion Launches Next Generation Evacuation Software

London, – March 2012 – In response to market demands for a better way to accurately simulate evacuation; Legion, the leader in pedestrian simulation technology, is launching Legion Evac.

The software can simulate and analyse evacuation scenarios for places where people gather, such as stadiums, transport hubs, office buildings, theatres and concert halls. It enables the user to simulate, test and justify ideas for improving a design before making decisions, implementing changes and spending money.

Simulation results can be analysed graphically through 3D animation, colour coded performance maps, statistical reports and graphs, all of which are excellent for sharing results with technical and non-technical audiences.

Legion Evac combines the fully validated simulator of Legion’s flagship SpaceWorks product with flexible modelling and analysis tools. 

It can import from NIST’s Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) software to influence pedestrian behaviour. ÔÇ£Information from FDS simulations allows Legion Evac modellers to introduce behaviour such as reducing walking speeds when visibility falls below a certain distance and exit reselection if conditions in an area become untenable.ÔÇØ according to James Amos, Head of Product Development.

Legion’s scientific leadership means that agencies and consultants around the world trust Legion products as the best design and planning tools for practical applications. Such applications range from improving safety to designing for efficiency, improving operational performance and enhancing customer experience.

Legion is a UK based company with global reach, considered as the trusted authority in pedestrian simulation. Legion has been selected as the pedestrian simulation technology of choice for every Olympic Games since Sydney 2000, and is widely used by transportation authorities in cities around the world including London, Madrid, Paris, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Santiago and Beijing.


Allan Trulock