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Let’s see the detail on new sprinkler systems, says AEI Cables

Let’s see the detail on new Sprinkler Systems, says AEI Cables

Specialist manufacturer AEI Cables is calling for the release of details as soon as possible covering new measures which will make sprinkler systems mandatory in all new high-rise blocks over 11 metres.

Stuart Dover, general manager of AEI Cables, said: “The detail in the new guidance is critical so it would be helpful all round for the manufacturers and installers of the products for these systems to see how it is going to work in practice.

“We would want to see sprinkler systems currently being specified being covered by the new detail so they can be installed in the knowledge that all best practice has been followed in the interests of safety for all concerned.

“The fire performance industry is welcoming the amendment and the sooner the practical guidance can be rolled out then the sooner we can start to familiarise ourselves with it.”

In April, the government announced an amendment to the statutory guidance to building safety regulations, known as Approved Document B, reducing the requirement for sprinkler systems from the current 30 metres to 11 metres.

The Fire Safety Bill, which was introduced to Parliament in April, will also empower fire and rescue services to take enforcement action and hold building owners to account if they do not comply with the law.

The tried and tested generation of AEI Cables’ fire performance cabling ensure critical fire-safety circuits can continue to operate in the event of a fire from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes and often support systems which provide intelligence for the fire and rescue services.

AEI Cables’ Firetec Enhanced cabling is the only cable to be independently approved and certified by LPCB to BS8519 (Annex B) Category 3 Control for firefighting systems including sprinkler pumps, fire suppression water mist systems, water spray systems, wet riser pumps, wet riser valve and equipment monitoring under the Code of Practice.

All AEI Cables’ products are supplied with approvals from independent bodies including BASEC and LPCB. It also holds approvals from organisations including Lloyds, the MoD, Network Rail and LUL and works to international standards around the world.

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