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Low price, high performance thermal imaging from FLIR

Low price, High Performance Thermal Imaging From FLIR

Thermal imaging is an essential fire attack tool and those specifying infrared cameras know exactly what is needed in terms of price and performance in compliance with NFPA recommendations.  So when a new product is introduced that offers more features for less money, the market instantly takes notice.  This is precisely what has happened with the new FLIR K-Series of thermal imaging cameras.

These new products were introduced in April 2013 and within a month more than 100 units had been sold and this trend has continued unabated. It’s proof positive that FLIR has successfully built on the strengths of its detector core technology and developed a series of cameras that ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance and cost efficiency.

FLIR Systems’ status as the world leader in portable thermal imaging across a wide range of industrial markets is key to this early success.  Not only has the company been able to factor-in camera features developed for harsh industrial environments, it has also been able to take advantage of manufacturing economies.  FLIR Systems is therefore in the unique position of being able to offer highly valuable products, at affordable prices, to the widest community.

For many years the FLIR brand has been the preferred choice of many OEMs and systems integrators who require high performance thermal cores to provide clear and reliable thermal imaging.  Using this proven technology, the company has developed its new, fire fighting FLIR K-Series.  Models can be specified with either a 240 x 180 pixels array or with an industry standard 320 x 240 resolution for those who require the best image clarity. Both models have a bright 4” LCD display, will withstand a drop of two metres onto a concrete floor and are water resistant to IP67.

The object temperature range of the FLIR K-Series cameras is -20◦C to +650◦C and these models will withstand operating temperatures of up to 260◦C for up to five minutes.  Camera control is via three large buttons on top of the camera that are designed to be easily operated with a gloved hand.

The torch-style grip that characterises these new FLIR models is well proven in the fire fighting market.  It is ideal for single handed operation and can therefore be used when the fire fighter is moving.  The design provides a clear, crisp image at arms length whilst allowing good situational awareness.

The camera’s ability to measure temperature provides the fire fighter with an important sixth-sense.  For example, the FLIR K-Series is able to show if a fire is burning behind a wall.  A quick thermal profile of the scene also highlights areas that remain in danger of re-combustion and enables the user to confirm when the fire has been successfully extinguished.

Although primarily designed for fire attack, the FLIR K-Series is also eminently suitable for use in any search and rescue situation.  Up to 200 thermal images can be stored in-camera and later used to enhance a post-incident report.

In common with all FLIR portable thermal imaging cameras, every FLIR K-Series model carries a two year product warranty that complements its ten year detector warranty.  Also included in the purchase price are a hard transport case, FLIR Tools software, batteries and charger, cables, lanyards and tripod adaptor.

“The FLIR K-Series offers the best value on the market,” explained FLIR Business Development Manager, Tonny Hutting, whose experience in fire equipment sales spans 22 years. “Thermal imaging is a mature technology in this industry and buyers know what to expect for their money.  The FLIR K-Series has set a new benchmark in this regard and we are seeing the result in volume sales, both in the UK and across Europe.”

The FLIR K-Series is available via a network of distributors.  For contact details and further information on the new range visit: