Medical Complex In Good Health Thanks To Dorgard

Medical Complex In Good Health Thanks To Dorgard

Langton comments: The Dorgard hold-open units are installed on fire doors in our administration areas and also in a corridor to ease access and assist the circulation of fresh air. Dorgard solves the problem of the wedged door hazard very effectively whilst allowing us to comply with the latest fire safety regulations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.”

Dorgard is the wireless solution that offers the simplest, most cost-effective way of legally holding open fire doors safely in any position, automatically releasing them should the fire alarm sound.

There are more than 275,000 Dorgards installed across the UK. The Dorgard range is the solution to the illegally wedged open fire door problem, in any environment that complies fully with all relevant British Standards and EU Directives.

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