MTL™300: Mul-T-Lock’s high-security, patented locking solution

MTL™300: Mul-T-Lock’s high-security, patented locking solution

Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has launched MTL™300, a high-security yet affordable locking solution for both residential and small-to-medium business customers.


The new cylinder platform is based on field-proven technology that enables it to be patented from day one, all the way through to 2033. As MTL™300 is based on existing technology, it also saves locksmiths expenses traditionally associated with launching new-patented platforms.


Ideal for residential and small-to-medium business customers, MTL™300 is an entry-level locking solution that goes beyond the standard, offering advanced, patented technology and protection that complies with international standards. A restricted key copy system enables locksmiths to access exclusive keying profiles using six different special cut types while guaranteeing protection against unauthorised key duplication.


MTL™300’s Master Key Systems (MKS) are supported by “Masterpiece” software, so locksmiths can plan and assemble their own MKS and continue to use the same key cutting machines and pinning kits as with Integrator®. The combined use of the patented key and key blank, together with the Mul-T-Lock key cutting control system, provides locksmiths with advanced key copy protection, promoting security and trust.


Roy Zadikov, Director of Product Management for Mul-T-Lock says: “Like Integrator®, MTL™300 aims to satisfy the needs of consumers and small-to-medium businesses, providing convenience and efficiency, while integrating new and more innovative products and capabilities. Many of our locksmith customers have been crying out for a high-security, patented locking system developed by a worldwide leader, marketed at an affordable price, and this is what we’re offering with MTL™300.”


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