New CE Intumescent Acoustic Sealant from Lorient

New CE Intumescent Acoustic Sealant from Lorient

Lorient, respected designer and manufacturer of acoustic, smoke and fire seals for door assemblies has introduced a CE marked Intumescent Acoustic Sealant.  From 1st July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation it will become mandatory to CE mark a construction product placed on the market that has a European Technical Assessment or a Harmonised Product Standard – this includes intumescent sealant for linear and penetration gap seals.

The sealant is suitable for a number of applications including: linear gap seals in wall and floor constructions and as a linear joint seal where wall and floor constructions abut. It is also ideal for penetration seals around metallic pipes and electrical cables to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions.  As well as sealing the perimeter around fire and smoke resistant damper/air transfer grilles in doors, walls, ducts, floors and ceilings.

Lorient’s CE marked Intumescent Acoustic Sealant is tested in accordance with EN 1366-3 (2004 & 2009) – fire resistance for penetration seals and EN 1366-4:2006 fire resistance for linear joint seals and has been classified in accordance with EN 13501-2.

The sealant also provides effective acoustic containment; up to 240 minutes fire protection; and offers improved flexibility to allow for differential movement in everyday service.  

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