New Devon Housing Development Uses Aico Alarms With Sprinkler Systems

New Devon Housing Development Uses Aico Alarms With Sprinkler Systems

Two Aico mains powered Optical Alarms have been fitted per property, in the hallway and landing, and one mains powered Heat Alarm in the kitchen, all hard- wired together. The alarms have been linked to the sprinkler system using Aico’s Ei129 Switched Input Module designed specifically for this purpose. If the sprinkler system is activated by the presence of fire, the alarms are triggered throughout the property to provide the earliest possible warning and opportunity to escape.

Adrian Gray of Adrian Gray Electrical Contractors Ltd. specified the Aico alarms for the Lite Homes development as they are good alarms – you don’t get problems with them, plus they are easy to change. The fact that they are available with an off the shelf interface to connect to the sprinkler system made them an obvious choice here. They are also a lot slimmer than other alarms so they are less obtrusive. I have been using Aico alarms for a long time – probably since they first launched this range.”

The 140 Series from Aico comprises Optical, Ionisation and Heat Alarms designed to offer a highly reliable, cost effective solution for new build premises.

Featuring Alkaline battery back-up, all units also come with a low back-up power warning, manual test/hush button, an 85dB(A) alarm at three metres, mains and test / warning lights and automatic reset. They come complete with a comprehensive five year guarantee and are Kitemarked.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is the first name in residential fire protection in the UK. Aico fire alarms are designed and built in Europe specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations. For more information please visit