New i3 Advantage System Cuts Inert Gas Installation Costs

New i3 Advantage System Cuts Inert Gas Installation Costs

A standard discharge” high-pressure inert gas system is characterised by its distinctive spike or peaking on agent discharge. This results in excess pressure that calls for costly high-specification pipework and over-pressure venting to ensure that the protected room or enclosure pressures are kept to acceptable levels.

By comparison, the innovative constant-flow valve technology incorporated into the new i3 ADVANTAGE eliminates this pressure peak, achieving a constant, more even agent flow during the entire discharge period. There is lower pressure throughout the pipework system and the constant, reduced flow into the protected enclosure lowers the over-pressurisation effect common in standard inert gas systems, and reduces the size of the over-pressurising venting required in the enclosure.

i3 total-flooding system, i3 ADVANTAGE uses a 50:50 mixture of two naturally occurring gases – Argon and Nitrogen – and so is a truly sustainable ‘clean’ fire suppression technology with a non-toxic, non-corrosive, odour-free, zero ozone depleting, zero atmospheric lifetime and zero global warming profile. It is fast acting and has a low life-cycle cost; it is electrically non-conductive and has no breakdown products or residue, so there is no risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

The i3 ADVANTAGE system uses 80-litre steel containers that are filled with compressed i3 gas at 300bar. Installations comprise one or more i3 containers that are connected to a system of pipework. These containers can be stored remote from the protected area and a bank of containers can be used to safeguard more than a single room or enclosure.

The containers meet the requirements of TPED [Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive] and, when the system is activated, the i3 gas is discharged to achieve the specific discharge time and concentration to flood the entire protected enclosure. These are calculated using i3 ADVANTAGE flow calculation software. This is a special Windows-based system developed for engineers to ensure fast and accurate enclosure protection design that is in accordance with ISO 14520 and EN 15004.

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