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New Means of Escape Guide FREE to download

New Means of Escape Guide FREE to download

A Guide to Workplace Drills is the latest guidance document to be added to the Means of Escape website, and it is free to download, today.

Fire drills are vital for ensuring the ongoing fire protection at any business, whether in an office, retail or hospitality environment, warehouse, or educational premises. Keeping everyone up to date with the protocol for evacuating the building during a fire will help to minimise any risk or injury.

Produced and sponsored by Scutum London, this latest guide acts as a useful training aid to employers and employees, to ensure the highest level of ongoing protection to businesses. The guide is free to download to our subscribers. To download, simply register with us free of charge, and select the guide you wish to download. 

For more information please contact Means of Escape on 01268 242340 or email