Fire Safety Legislation News

New Standard Edition: BS 5306-9:2015

New Standard Edition: BS 5306-9:2015

Published earlier this year, BS 5306-9:2015 incorporates two standards, outlining all the requirements for the installation and recharging of portable fire extinguishers. BS 5305-9:2015 is a key standard for architects, building owners and service engineers, to ensure that fire extinguishers are properly serviced and maintained, as well as ensuring there is effective fire sighting provisions throughout the building.  

Key recommendations set out in BS 5306-9:2015 include:

  • Recharging of portable fire extinguishers
  • Components, gas cartridges, propellants and refill extinguishing media for extinguishers

BS 5306-9 will be helpful to both extinguisher service companies and end users, in the obligations set out in the Regulatory (Fire Safety) Reform Order. It will also allow for fire extinguishers to be serviced and maintained in regular conditions as when they are initially installed.

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