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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEPs)

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEPs)

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) should be designed with the individual in mind. For those with mobility issues there are many options available and all too often organisations go for the cheapest option, rather than the most appropriate. Incredibly, people aren’t aware that there are powered units that go both up and down stairs – these can be used for access, egress, evacuation and lift breakdowns. The biggest plus is how they allow smooth transportation up and down stairs, negating the need for manual handling.

In comparison, many people have the ‘skid design’ of a chair (because they are not aware of other options) that requires physical strength and means that people have to transfer into it and leave their wheelchair behind! Wheelchairs are not cheap and often designed for the individual’s needs, so why would you leave it behind? You certainly wouldn’t if you were designing a PEEP for yourself.

So often a new build is equipped by people who don’t know the future occupants. If you have disabled people working or visiting then consider choosing the most versatile evacuation chair so you don’t have to buy different models. If not, what was originally a cheap purchase, becomes expensive as a result of purchasing multiple units to cater for all.

Recently launched by Swallow EMP, the Evacuation App enables all individuals to develop their PEEPs on their Android or IPhone by completing 10 questions, and uploading their escape routes to the app. If there is an emergency the phone alarms and directs the Responsible Person to the highlighted route.  In addition, the app will enable the business to keep track of how many people enter their premises and will recommend the appropriate means of escape, depending on each person’s location.

To download the Evacu8me app or find out more about SwallowEMP evacuation products, visit www.swallowemp.com . 

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