Planes, Boats, Trains and the Regulatory Reform Order

Planes, Boats, Trains and the Regulatory Reform Order

The premises working alongside these organisations are just as accountable and must ensure effective fire safety is in place, higher risks are present such as the evacuation procedures and combustible materials.

Train stations and airports must conduct a fire risk assessment and comply with the Regulatory Reform Order; however, this does not apply to the vessels themselves.

Planes and trains do not fall under the new regulation.

Why do these areas not come under the Regulation when the same safety requirements apply? The Order outlines premises that do not apply under section 6.

Trains and their stations are particularly vulnerable as demonstrated during 7/11 in London, risk assessments should be conducted by experienced qualified consultants with knowledge in this specific area. Emergency evacuation plans must be in place and business continuity management is a must. But which areas apply to the Regulatory Reform Order and which are exempt? Clarification of the areas accountable is required.

With high numbers of staff and members of the public present, all potential risks must be identified and procedures put into action.

Training for those involved is crucial to avoid confusion in the event of an emergency. Visitors must be made aware upon entering the venue of procedures and risks that are present.

Photoluminescent safety signs should be allocated following the order to provide comprehensive direction and instruction.

Evacuation procedures leading to a safe area for all persons are required under the new order taking special care to anyone who may require assistance or alternative signs or alarms.

These areas should be covered within the fire risk assessment and any actions or areas of risk should be targeted and solutions and plans in place to deal with any potential emergency that could occur.

Means of Escape has produced an audit guide available to highlight assessment areas and potential hazards, the recent launch of the guide to fire safety signs and signage works alongside the audit guide to enable the responsible person to understand their requirements following the new order.

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