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Playboy Refuses to Gamble on Safety

Playboy Refuses to Gamble on Safety

Playboy is a name synonymous with the iconic bunny croupiers, luxury gaming, sports and dining.  Owned by Ceasars Entertainment, this world-class casino is just one of a selection of high profile venues, each one unique for its decadence and flamboyance.

A sophisticated leisure business, Ceasars Entertainment is fully committed to the customer experience around the clock, so ensuring that their fire systems and equipment provide 24/7 reliable protection is important.  Having worked with Ceasars Entertainment for some years, Surefire have been entrusted to provide further fire maintenance on a range of systems including fire detection, suppression systems, voice evacuation, sprinklers and fire extinguishers. 

Carl Beard, Account Manager at Surefire for Ceasars Entertainment, explains “By working closely with the client’s team, we have taken the time to thoroughly understand their requirements and built a trusted relationship based on reliability and trust”.

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Published March 2015