Power for Designated Emergency Evacuation Lifts

Power for Designated Emergency Evacuation Lifts

Power Systems International, in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council, have embarked upon a pioneering initiative to provide purpose built Emergency Power Systems(EPS)for dedicated evacuation lifts to be installed in schools, libraries, hospitals, and other public buildings.

How it works:

In an emergency evacuation situation or when the public power supply fails, an authorised person controls the EPS at the externally located ÔÇ£on emergency powerÔÇØ switch by using a remote control key, like the ignition switch in a car. This switch, supplied with the EPS, is usually installed adjacent to the lift call button or on the control panel in the lift car. Once activated, it powers the lift hoisting system from its internal inverter and batteries, independent of the mains power. The ÔÇ£on emergency powerÔÇØ button illuminates to signal that power is being provided to the lift traction system from the EPS system. It is then possible for the authorised person to operate the lift for a prescribed number of journeys (as many as 10 upward and 10 downward journeys) within the one hour period, as stipulated in the EN-British Standard specification.The lift car is able to travel at normal speed. Not all designated evacuation lifts adhere to this.


The EPS can be used on any lift, whether traction or hydraulic. The unit is cost effective and eco friendly as it consumes just 50 watts in its quiescent mode – approximately that of a household bulb. A conventional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system of 20kVA would have losses of 2 kilowatts. The unit is a compact dimensioned standby power system built in a steel enclosure comprising a high performance intelligent rectifier battery charger, maintenance free battery and an inverter with automatic bypass feature. A summary alarm signal is also provided for connection to a building management system.

EPS Features


Local /remote logic control

Wall mounting maintenance bypass unit

Remote control key switch

Power flow status mimic panel

Low noise level

Power consumption approx 50 Watts in quiescent mode

Input and output flexible cables, plugs & sockets

Systems of 10kVA, 20kVA and 30kVA

Regen energy absorbsion feature

BS EN 60146 compliant

Broad Compatibility


To receive a quote or for further information about the EPS systems please contact

Power Systems International Limited

Email: info@powersystemsinternational.com or Tel: 01494 871544