Power Surge! Check out C-TEC’s new PSU innovations

Power Surge! Check out C-TEC’s New PSU Innovations

C-TEC has launched a revolutionary new range of EN54-4 certified digital hybrid switch-mode power supplies.

With a host of new cutting-edge features but priced exactly the same as our existing PSUs, our new BF560 power supplies are ideal for use in all types of fire and security system.

In addition to two boxed units rated at 24V 1.5A and 12V 2A, two ‘Encased’ units are available with exactly the same electronics for mounting inside OEM enclosures.

Says Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager: “Our powerful new BF560 units not only utilise the latest in switch mode/digital hybrid power supply technology but are easy-to-install and very cost-effective. We anticipate a high demand from specialist fire companies and OEMs.”

Perfect for powering beam detectors, auto-dial communicators, aspirating smoke detectors, auto-open vent systems, auxiliary sounder systems or any other device performing a mandatory function of a fire alarm system, each unit is supplied with a protective plastic safety cover to protect installers and service personnel against accidental contact with live parts.

For more information, call +44 (0) 1942 322744, e-mail sales@c-tec.co.uk or visit: www.c-tec.com

Published July 2018

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