PYROGUARD PROTECT ticks all of the boxes for new state-of-the-art ice rink

PYROGUARD PROTECT ticks all of the boxes for new state-of-the-art ice rink

Manufactured to a bespoke specification, Pyroguard’s range of toughened fire safety glass, Pyroguard Protect, was recently installed inside the new Angers ICEPARC in Angers, France. For the ambitious architectural project, where safety and design were key, Pyroguard T-EI60/25-3 provided 60 minutes of integrity and heat insulation, as well as 1B1 impact classification, UV stability and strong acoustic performance for the curved interior glass partition.


Located near the banks of the River Maine in the Saint-Serge district of Angers, France, Angers ICEPARC is the new state-of-the-art go-to destination for ice sports. Elegantly designed by CHABANNE Architecture, the new facility boasts two ice rinks. The main rink is the home stadium for local ice hockey team, Les Ducs d’Angers, and is also used for activities such as ice karting and ice skating lessons. The second recreational rink is open to the general public.


Contemporary and captivating, the building is designed with a curved structure, which is also reflected through the interior elements. Due to the nature of the leisure environment, prioritising fire safety from the offset was crucial to ensure that staff and visitors have an adequate means of escape in the event of a fire. However, as an architecturally ambitious project, fire safety glass that complied with building regulations, without compromising on quality and design, was essential to uphold the attractive and futuristic vision of the building.


Ouest Serrurerie was appointed to design and install the fire safety glazing system in the viewing platform areas, which overlooks the recreational ice rink from above. In line with the design objectives of the project, a series of full length glass windows that curved off into a geometric point was proposed to follow the shape of the ice rink. Indeed, Ouest Serrurerie needed custom sized glass panes, as well as framing, in order to achieve this.


Working closely with the Pyroguard technical team, Pyroguard T-EI60 from the Pyroguard Protect range, was chosen for its ability to be custom manufactured to suit the individual project’s needs. The Pyroguard toughened fire safety glass provides 60 minutes of protection against flames and smoke and enables the transmission of natural light, acoustic control and thermal and solar performance, while losing no aesthetic benefits and maintaining the highest standards of safety.


The bespoke fire safety glass panes were inserted into Forster steel frames, chosen by Ouest Serrurerie, thanks to Pyroguard’s proven and extensive fire testing evidence in Forster profiles. In addition, a project assessment was executed to justify the conformity of Pyroguard T-EI60 with regards to its fire safety performance, in relation to this specific project. With the support of EFECTIS, the teams were able to ensure that the final solution warranted the most suitable and efficient level of fire protection.


Speaking of the project, Julien Bretaudeau, Technician at Ouest Serrurerie, said: “Due to the complexity of the design, we required a very bespoke glazing solution that would fit into the Forster steel frames. We collaborated with the technical teams at Forster and at Pyroguard, where we held several meetings to discuss the constraints and solutions. It was a pleasure to work with the team at Pyroguard, who understood our vision and were very helpful, efficient and professional. Using Pyroguard T, the company were able to manufacture the fire safety glass to our specification and provide a totally bespoke system for the fire resistance required.”


Mr Dangnoise, Director at Ouest Serrurerie, concluded: “Pyroguard provided the product with good lead times and was able to support us throughout the entire installation. The Angers ICEPARC project has proved that making buildings safe does not have to come at the cost of an aesthetically pleasing design, while the performance of Pyroguard Protect gives the best protection for people and property.”


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