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Reflect, Respect and Reappraise for the tragic events of Grenfell

Reflect, Respect and Reappraise for the tragic events of Grenfell

One year on from Grenfell, a time for positive reflection, review and reappraisal. Taking in the serious reporting and dismissing the sensational and insensitive.

There are lessons to be learned, and indeed, a lot that many fire safety professionals had predicted. Most of us know that technology and systems are available, tested and had been recommended. The risk matrix determines that they are now required!

The profession and industry will seek to improve even further to meet new challenges and to predict events and develop products to prevent. Let’s hope our combined voices fall on receptive ears, instead of closed prescriptive minds in the future.

A considered and clean vision is required for future provision and arrangement, commensurate with risk. A one size fits all may not be appropriate, or even practical, as that which is requirements for old construction that may well be different from new construction.

The word that sticks with me is “gaming”, a practice that in my opinion, has been the loop hole for lack of conformance and specification avoidance in both bid and delivery process.

We think Dame Judith Hackitt has started the process for reappraisal, and industry, consultant and enforcement will amend the practice to meet the challenge of improvement of existing stock and the keen inspection, audit and recordings for new builds.

By Jim Creak,

Editor of Means of Escape 

Published June 2018