RIBA approved CPD’s from ABLOY UK

RIBA approved CPD’s from ABLOY UK

ABLOY UK are pleased to announce that their RIBA Approved CPD continues to enjoy Core Curriculum status, following RIBA’s recent review.

Chartered Members are obliged to attain at least two hours in each of the ten ‘Core Curriculum’ topics every year to ensure they maintain competence, acquire new skills, contend with disruption, future-proof themselves and their businesses, and deliver socially purposeful architecture. 

The ABLOY CPD is entitled:

Electrically Controlled Fire and Escape Doors, CE Marking and the CPR

Listed as topic 4 of RIBA’s Core Curriculum ‘Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance’.

ABLOY UK are happy to present this subject as requested to RIBA members on application. The presentation helps you understand the changing hardware requirements for Fire doors and / or Escape doors as defined under BS EN 179 for Emergency Escape hardware, BS EN 1125 for Panic Escape hardware and / or BS EN 13637 for Electrically Controlled Emergency Escape systems. 

These subjects are very relevant with both fire and escape applications under severe scrutiny and these minimum performance standards are a legal requirement under the terms of the ‘Constructions Product Directive 2013’. We all have a duty of care to ensure that Fire doors provide effective compartmentation in the event of Fire and that Escape doors allow unhindered escape at least to recognised minimum performance standards.

The course includes issues relating to ‘Dynamic Lockdown’ and specifically ensuring the safety of the buildings occupants in the event of a hostile attack. By working with the minimum performance standards above, satisfying both the health and safety requirements and fire and escape with a single solution can be achieved.

The content concentrates primarily on electrical locking solutions, however the basic rule set applies equally to mechanical solutions.

Unfortunately all too often the basics are overlooked and Fire Safety, Escape requirements and Physical Security are overlooked; this seminar will help ensure you have the knowledge to fulfil all legislative requirements, and protect lives.

Want to know more? Please feel free to contact ABLOY UK at marketing@abloy.co.uk or academy@abloy.co.uk  

Published December 2017