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Securing Your Safety with Bull’s PowerHub Charging Lockers

Securing Your Safety with Bull’s PowerHub Charging Lockers

Bull Products, a manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, has strengthened its site safety range with the addition of secure tool charging lockers.


PowerHub is a bank of 10 charging lockers that can store and charge hand-held equipment, batteries, and devices. The lockers are fully mobile, securable and powder-coated for anti-corrosion protection and security.


British-made from solid steel, PowerHub is the latest product from Bull Products to further secure the safety of workers and their equipment at construction sites and other permanent industrial locations.


Fully earthed, protected by RCDs, and certified as electrically safe, it arrives to site ready to ‘plug and play’.


Each 236x331x300mm compartment has a secure lockable door and is ventilated to ensure tools and devices are stored at a safe temperature, whilst preserving the door integrity. Doors can be locked with a key, padlock, or combination lock.


PowerHub also reduces slips, trips, and falls, by ensuring that charging cables are neatly stored, even while in use. A sloping top prevents items being left on the locker, therefore reducing the chance of on-site lost property.


Matt Trigwell, Sales Director at Bull Products, says: “PowerHub offers an increasingly important on-site facility, combining a useful charging function within a secure space. These lockers provide workers with this service and also with the peace of mind that their valuable equipment is securely locked away.


Bull Products will continue to develop new products for the ‘Hub’ range which currently also includes SiteHub, for safe storage of fire, first aid and health and safety equipment and information, and the SaniHub sanitiser station for improving on-site hand hygiene.”


For more information on PowerHub contact Bull Products 01432 806806 or email


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