Shropshire Housing Extends Fire Safety to Communal Areas with Aico RadioLink

Shropshire Housing Extends Fire Safety to Communal areas with Aico RadioLink

The system provides a high level of tenant safety at an affordable price, especially when compared to panel-based alternatives.
The decision to extend coverage to communal areas followed a detailed Risk Assessment carried out by the housing association across its 5000 properties.  Total Response, responsible for Shropshire Housing Group’s repairs and maintenance, recommended Aico’s RadioLINK system as a cost-effective solution.
RadioLINK works by allowing Aico mains powered Smoke, Heat and Multi-Sensor alarms to be wirelessly interconnected by Radio Frequency (RF) signals, rather than cabling.  If one alarm on the system is triggered, RF signals cause every other alarm on that system to sound, providing the earliest warning to the occupants.  
In the case of Shropshire Housing Group’s blocks of flats and HMOs, RadioLINK has been cleverly used to extend the existing system.  An Aico mains powered heat alarm is being fitted just inside each flat wirelessly interconnected to an Aico Ionisation alarm in the communal area using RadioLINK.  These alarms are then ‘House Coded’ together.  As the Heat Alarm will only trigger at 58┬░C and above, normal cooking fumes will not trigger it so other residents will be unaffected.  However, if a real fire has occurred, the heat alarm in the dwelling will operate the communal system – and all heat alarms inside the other dwellings – when sufficient heat has been generated.
In addition, the alarms have been interlinked to Aico Manual Call Points and a wall mounted Control Switch which allows the user to easily Test, Silence and Locate alarms from one convenient location. 
43 communal areas have been identified by Shropshire Housing for the RadioLINK system so far, with each property containing two to nine flats. 
Dale Vass, Senior Electrician for Total Response who specified the Aico RadioLINK solution, explains his decision: ÔÇ£We use Aico alarms across most of the Group’s properties.  We picked RadioLINK because we like Aico products and also because it provides us with a consistent and convenient solution.ÔÇØ
Dale and his colleagues at Total Response have recently completed the Aico Fire Products Trained Installer Scheme (AFPTIS) for best practice.  AFPTIS has been running for a number of years now and is dedicated to providing contractors with the information and training necessary to achieve a successful and effective smoke alarm installation.  
A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is the first name in residential fire protection in the UK.  Aico fire alarms are designed and built in Europe specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations.  For more information please visit