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SIGMA MATRIX Continues Kentec’s Revolution In Fire Alarm Mimic Display Technology

SIGMA MATRIX Continues Kentec's Revolution In Fire Alarm Mimic Display Technology

On this conventional version of the Sigma Matrix, all indicators can be configured to operate via switched positive or negative inputs providing compatibility with a wide range of input/output boards. This allows Sigma Matrix Mimic Displays to be designed and supplied to replace any existing mimic, when an update is required, regardless of fire alarm panel manufacturer.

The Sigma Matrix range is also available in a wide range of sizes to fit Kentec Sigma conventional panels, and in bespoke sizes to fit any make of fire alarm panel.

Sigma Matrix range uses high quality, full colour or monochrome floor plans, the zonal displays have a capability of up to 500 indicators, with standard enclosures capable of housing 24, 56 or 88 LEDs. All panels in the Matrix Mimic system are certified as compliant with EMC requirements.