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The Fire Safety Log Book By Solutions Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Log Book By Solutions Fire Safety

The principle purpose of the Fire Safety Log Book is to enable employers to keep adequate records of a wide range of fire safety related actions into one succinct document. It is an essential tool to help an organisation keep on top of things with regards to fire safety. The record keeping of all of your fire safety issues will provide valuable resources to assist you in:

– a good fire safety culture and a quality safety management structure

– providing evidence to enforcing authorities or the courts that you have done everything that is reasonably expected to ensure safety and to comply with the law

Although there is no legal requirement for an organisation to own a Fire Safety Log Book, it is the Responsible Persons duty to be able to demonstrate that all fire safety facilities, equipment, devises and staff training are being tested and maintained and in good working order. The Order requires that all significant issues are capable of being audited. The Fire Safety Log Book is a great device for this purpose; to accumulate an account of past, current and future records. Not only does it provide a clear and concise report for the Fire & Rescue Service, it will (and even more importantly) help organisations understand and adopt a fire safety society.

All Fire Safety Log Books are different. The saying applies ‘you get what you pay for’. A good Fire Safety Log Book will give explanations of the current requirement with reference to standards and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. They will give practical advice and help you through the individual topics that you should be looking at. They will provide you with a CD-ROM to allow the records to be updated constantly, ready to be printed when the fire brigade inspects the premises.

A Fire Safety Log Book can be at the heart of your fire safety management structure, only if you use it to its full potential. If you would like to receive further information on the Fire Safety Log Book that Solutions Fire Safety Ltd provide please click through to our website, Alternatively call us on 0845 601 2632.