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The Hackitt Review Seminar: Understanding the outcomes, meeting the challenges

The Hackitt Review Seminar: Understanding the outcomes, meeting the challenges

Changes in the regulatory frame work will undoubtedly affect every business in the UK’

The Grenfell Tower fire ranks as one of the most significant the UK has seen for decades. It has brought widespread attention to dangerous weaknesses in social housing, design, construction industry practice, product testing, fire legislation and associated guidance, all of which have been voiced by fire industry professionals for some years. These issues impact some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Although the interim report from Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety provided some indication on the future direction, much independent work has since been undertaken to assist the enquiry team. Including the Fire Protection Association’s (FPA’s) research into the suitability of existing cladding test regimes to deal with modern materials and construction standards, sponsored by the Association on British Insurers (ABI).

It is anticipated the highly critical language and condemnation of the status quo in the interim report will be carried in to the review’s final report and recommendations to be published on the 17th May. Recognising the report will have far wider implications than for just social housing and high rise premises, the FPA will be hosting a seminar that will bring together expertise from the fire and construction industries to draw on their input.

To include a review of the key themes and actions of the final report, looking forward at the changes expected to be implemented as a result, and consider the implications for industry practice. The seminar will take place on 25 June at the Fire Service College, in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. 

Jonathan O’Neill OBE, Managing Director of the FPA commented:

With the Hackitt Review scheduled for publication imminently; the seminar has been planned and designed to examine the implications of the recommendations of the review for a range of key stakeholders, including regulators, enforcing authorities, insurers, end users and manufacturers and installers of building and fire protection systems.

‘Building on the direction of travel outlined in the Interim Report, this seminar has been designed to bring together sector leaders from the Building Regulations Advisory Committee, the Construction Products Association, the Fire Sector Federation, and the London Fire Brigade together with experts from the FPA, who will provide their interpretations of the implications of what is anticipated to be a far-reaching report and a watershed in fire regulation.’   

Seminar content will cover:

  • an overview of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, findings and recommendations for the future
  • examination of how the approved document B and the Building Regulations Advisory committee fit into the changing landscape following the review
  • outlines of real life findings from a series of carefully controlled experiments, commissioned by the ABI, recreating more realistic building conditions than those in which the standard tests are completed
  • an exploration of how London Fire Brigade are gearing up to adapt to the likely changes following the Hackitt Review
  • an overview of likely changes to British Standards for fire engineering
  • interpretations of the review to work towards a more joined up approach to fire safety
  • an understanding of what is reasonable to achieve for businesses and guidance on roles and likely responsibilities

The course costs £195.00 + VAT – to book your place, call us on 01608 812 500, email, or to book via the website visit:

Published May 2018