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Third party certification ‘a priority’

Third party certification 'a priority'

Colin Keeley, senior site inspector for Warrington Certification Ltd, part of Exova Warringtonfire, discussed the critical need for third party certification in relation to fire risk assessment, product specification and installation.

He said: “We cannot emphasise enough the importance of fire risk assessment and the need to establish a register which can be relied upon by the relevant responsible person.”

This seminar, held at the Royal Dublin Society, addressed the key issues faced in the specification, installation, inspection and maintenance of passive fire protection in accordance with the legislative process.

The seminar also considered other issues including the respective roles of government and the fire industry, ASFP Ireland’s Passive Fire Protection Fire Risk Assessor guide, the role of fire engineering, the reality of fire risk over the life of a building, legal responsibility and the essential need for third party certification. The sessions also included workshop debates.