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TOA Corporation UK takes to the stage at FIREX International 2018

TOA Corporation UK takes to the Stage at FIREX International 2018

TOA Corporation UK, the leading global manufacturer of cutting edge commercial audio and security equipment, is celebrating its 41st year in the UK and, at FIREX International 2018, will be demonstrating why it is renowned as the provider of more solutions for more markets than any other company.

Leading the way is Malcolm Crummey, sales manager UK & Ireland at TOA Corporation UK, who will present a seminar session on the subject of lockdowns in schools and explain how technology can be used to protect pupils, staff and visitors. A Lesson in Lockdown for Schools will take place on 21st June 12.15pm-12.40pm in the main FIREX theatre and will be of benefit to visitors who want to find out more about why it is so important to have a clear and effective communication system installed in schools in the event of emergencies.

To complement Crummey’s presentation, Stand A365 will feature a range of solutions that can be used as part of a school lockdown system. This includes the IP-1000 IP network audio management system, which can support up to 1,000 IP addresses and consists of network amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and interface units. Management and operation software allows user to make instant and scheduled broadcasts through a single PC and its in-built flexibility allows easy system expansion beyond conventional system coverage.

Another focal point will be the VX-3000 – winner of the InAVation Award 2017.  A cost effective, robust, reliable and energy efficient system, which combines all of the important functions for public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) in one unit, its limited number of components makes design and installation easier, saves space, reduces cable complexity, and enables rapid system configuration. A new wall-mounted version of this system – the VX-3000WM – will also be on display, which can be linked to the standard VX-3000 range but also used as a stand-alone unit in reception and building entrance areas. If used in a decentralised system, where the equipment is installed in electrical risers, its compact size is equally beneficial, as it takes up less space than a standard 19-inch equipment rack and saves on cabling back to a central location.

TOA Corporation UK is renowned for the quality of its amplification and speaker systems and visitors will have the chance to see the company’s powerful new 20W IP horn speaker, which is designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications and can fully integrate with video management software (VMS) and IP CCTV systems. In addition, the SC-P620 powered horn and HA-1010-EB slim horn array speakers will be on display. The latter, with its extremely long range, can spread sound to over 600m and is perfect for outdoor applications including airports, skiing locations, sports events, public squares or leisure parks.

Last but certainly not least, the N-8000 Series IP network intercom system remains a popular part of the TOA Corporation UK portfolio and it has now been augmented by the N-SP80 SIP video intercom system, which offers flexible audio and video communications using standard SIP protocols. It can integrate with external SIP compatible systems through a SIP server, while a peer-to-peer mode is also available for standalone system operations without a SIP server environment.

Ahead of the event, Malcolm Crummey concluded, ‘FIREX International is one of the highlights of the year for TOA and we are looking forward to giving visitors to Stand A365 the opportunity to get hands-on with our latest innovations, speak to our team of experts and discover the many advantages of working with us.’

For further information please contact please contact Malcolm Crummey by emailing malcolm@toa.co.uk or visit www.toa.co.uk.  You can also connect with Malcolm throughLinkedIn.


Maintaining your machinery

If your machinery isn’t maintained or checked, it may malfunction. If a malfunction occurs, the equipment may go awry, the equipment may overheat and subsequently cause a fire. Along with your machinery, your fire alarm systems and protection should regularly be maintained and checked, so as to ensure it will still adequately function in the case of a fire outbreak. So make sure your fire alarm system is regularly serviced and maintained!

Manufacturing Fire Safety Emergency Procedures

Fire drills where loud machinery and equipment are being operated, are often difficult to carry out. You will need the right alarm system that can be heard over these. However, drills must be carried at least once a year. All full time and temporary members of staff should be aware of the full evacuation process. If your staff are more experienced in fire procedures, the smoother the evacuation process! Additionally, staff need to understand how to use the fire protection equipment available. To get your staff confident with the use of the fire protection equipment, get them fire warden trained!

Therefore, for more information on manufacturing fire safety and the right fire protection, installations and maintenance for your premises. Call our friendly team on 0845 402 3045 or email sales@assured-ltd.co.uk for more information on Fire Protection Service and MaintenanceFire Alarm InstallationsFire Safety Training or any Fire Risk Assessments!

Published August 2018

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