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Tunnel Escape Route Systems

Tunnel Escape Route Systems

Designed and developed by Jalite the pioneers of photoluminescent technology, the 316 Low Location Lighting (LLL) System requires no electrical connection illuminating immediately with the removal of external light sources, providing excellent delineation of the escape route guiding occupants to a place of safety.

With the stringent requirements on constructional materials for use within tunnels, many of the common materials used within the photoluminescent industry were deemed unsuitable due to non compliance of the low smoke zero halogen requirements (LSZH).

Jalite strived to overcome the material restrictions and rose to the challenge meeting and exceeding these requirements. The Jalite 316 LLL System was born.

The Jalite 316 LLL System is constructed from a 1.0mm 316L stainless steel angled profile engineered to acutely absorb ambient light completed with an encapsulated Jalite AAA photoluminescent layer. The profile comes with fixing holes to enable secure mechanical fixing to the tunnel wall. Sections are simply butted together producing a seamless route of guidance to the nearest exit.

The new system is set to be installed in two large UK tunnels, providing a failsafe emergency evacuation system.

A product truly engineered for life safety.

Jalite plc have been producing quality photoluminescent safety products for over 30 years, including fire safety signs, health and safety signs, safety wayguidance systems and photoluminescent paint and safety tape.

Jalite are renowned for supplying photoluminescent safety products to specific markets, this includes fire fighting equipment to the offshore oil industry, life safety and appliances on board ships, merchant vessels, ferries and cruise liners, emergency life saving equipment in industrial, commercial and retail premises, and emergency lighting systems for aircrafts and trains.

For more information regarding Jalite products and escape route management please visit www.jalite.com or email: jalite@means-of-escape.com